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Coeur d’Alene River Reports:

After experiencing quite a bit of rain out here, the river jumped from 230CFS to 1110CFS a few days ago. The flows are now currently holding steady at 375CFS, which gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of throwing your boat in the water and enjoying our last weekend in the 60s. All fishing techniques are working well right now so use your Olive Sculpin and bright streamers, October Caddis and Mahogany Duns for dries, and for nymphs, there is a plethora of different nymphs that will get the job done from October Caddis nymphs, to Stonefly nymphs, to Mayfly nymphs. Halloween(Tuesday) will be our LAST DAY OPEN for the season. So stop by for any more information, shuttles, beer, or stocking up on bugs for the rest of the season! Mention this post and receive 20% off our shop logo hats and T’s, we have a ton to sell! We are looking forward to seeing you all over the next couple days before we close down, Fish On!

If you’re looking for some fall Caddisfaction, the Coeur d’ Alene river will most certainly leave you pleased. October Caddis are still hatching and the trout are going insane for dry flies currently! Over the next couple days of having some sunshine, we will be seeing some BWO and Mahogany Dun hatches as well. If the streamer game is more your style, olive sculpin patterns, and Bjorns Mr. Creepo in various patterns have produced the biggest and most fish for us lately. It isn’t necessary to use nymphs right now, but if you want to drop one off your dry fly, October Caddis nymphs are working great. If you set up a double nymph rig, we would recommend a stonefly nymph with either an October Caddis, or Mayfly nymph below that. With this rain, the flows are bumping up and are currently sitting at 282 CFS, so more sections are becoming available to put your boat in!
Stop by the shop for your shuttle, bugs, beer, or firewood!
Just remember… FISH, not Football. Anglers will always stand for our anthem/flag. Fish On!

This shot was taken by one of our customers, Charles, last week on the first day that we started getting insane dry fly action. These fish in the fall become so much more aggressive with the cooler water temps and big bugs hatching! We are seeing Brown Drakes, and October Caddis galore! Expect today, and tomorrow(friday) to be full of hatches, and a couple of the best fishing days in the fall before our temps drop into the 50’s this weekend. Stop by the shop for more information and bug suggestions! Fish On!
Charles Revis Cutty

The rain is here! We are experiencing the benefits of Fall weather. This time of year changes a few things with the fishing times. I refer to it as “The Flip Flop” where the heat of the day 2 weeks ago was the slow time, it is now the best time of the day for both bugs hatching and fish feeding. This time of year is also the Chinook run from CDA Lake into the river system. The majority of larger smarter fish will be staging in the lower river to benefit on the salmon spawn. October Caddis are out now and flying! The nymph game will be strong starting now though the winter as well. Stop by for more info on this favorite time of year for us.
Fish On!
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We have experienced a lot of smoke on the river here lately. Fortunately, the majority of smoke has lifted as of last night. We are getting cooler nights in the 55-60 degrees and is helping out with cooling the river off and will be setting in the October Caddis hatch! Our daytime temperatures are settling down as well to 75-85 degrees. The traditional Caddis, Mahogany Dunn and Stones are fishing very well still. Heat of the day is always good for the nymph game and/or Hoppers, ants, beetles and bees. The river has literally no pressure right now and the tubers are finally gone, thanks to school being back in session! This is one of our favorite times of year to fish the transition from hot summer days to pleasant fall days. Stop by the shop for everything you will need for a successful day on the river!

Fish On!
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If you have fished the North Fork of the Coeur d’ Alene over the past few weeks you know as well as we do that the biggest hatch we have had have been the Floaters! Fortunately, we have noticed a significant decrease in the traffic heading up the river over the past week and will continue to see it decrease after Labor Day weekend and kids are back in school, which makes it a whole lot easier to fish your favorite runs without as many disruptions.
Our bug hatches include Mahogany Dun, Caddis, and Golden stoneflies. Fishing these patterns in the morning and in the evening, and then switching up to Hoppers, Ants, and Beetles throughout the heat of the day will help you have the most productive day possible. If you’re fishing a large dry fly pattern, like a Golden Stone or hopper, you can double your chances of catching fish if you tie on a nymph dropper 12-24 inches below your dry fly. Caddis nymphs, Pheasant Tail nymphs, and Stonefly nymphs are perfect go-to nymphs during this time.
Stop by the shop for your shuttle, bugs, beer, or more intel! Mention this fishing report this weekend to receive 15% off for Labor Day!
Fish On!

A 7 year old local angler brought us in a picture of him proud with his Cutty on a Caddis Dry he got from the shop!

IMG_0725 (1)

We currently have rain today! If you know, its been dry and a bit smoky, so the happiness is well spread. The fishing on the CDA river has been above average this season. We are at normal summer flows which mean the walk and wade access is perfect. Most all the river is accessible via foot. The other great aspect of lower summer flows is the trout are a bit easier to find. Any moving water in the 2-6 foot range will be holding good trout. The current best bugs are Golden Stone and Caddis. The real trick is to put a “different” bug in those species that they haven’t seen before, what I mean is get creative with colors and sizes and you will see big heads come up for the Dry! Stop by the shop and we will give you some examples of these unusual flies.
Fish On!
Another happy client chuckin dries!
IMG_0799 (1)

The flows on the Coeur d’ Alene river are dropping, but still holding enough water to float in a hard boat or raft. Our current flows are 456 CFS which makes wading extremely easy as well. Lots of bugs are out on the water all day, ranging from Caddis to Golden Stoneflies. Throughout the morning, stick with your caddis patterns, and midday start to switch things up to terrestrials like Ants and small Hopper patterns. In the evening, stoneflies or leggy patterns like stimulators with rubberlegs. Fishing in the morning before it gets too hot and the last couple hours before night seem to be the best times to produce the most fish. Stop by the shop to check out our selection of beer or flies and get some more information! Fish On!
Currently, the fishing on the Coeur d’ Alene river has been phenomenal! With the summer heat in full force, our hatches have been big and the fish have been eating dries like it’s going out of style. Yellow Sallies, PMD’s, and Caddis are hatching all throughout the day, and Golden Stones are coming in the early afternoon. Throwing a dropper under a big Stone pattern doubles your luck and doubles your fun! Various patterns of caddis nymphs and stonefly nymphs are fishing well, but mixing it up with a flashy beadhead nymph like a, BH Batman in purple, will surely catch those trouts eyes as well. Stop by the fly shop for more info or for shuttles, bugs, or beer! Fish On!IMG_0139

“It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year.”

Happy Friday too all, Water levels are currently sitting at 950 CFS we took a bit of a bump up with rain the last few days. Wade fishing is getting better and better every day. We are seeing a lot of Golden Stone hatches along with dark caddis and mayflies for this time of year. So, come on into The River Fly Shop for your Bugs and Shuttle needs. – FISH ON-

fish pic“I look into… my fly box, and think about all the elements I should consider in choosing the perfect fly: water temperature, what stage of development the bugs are in, what the fish are eating right now. Then I remember what a guide told me: ‘Ninety percent of what a trout eats is brown and fuzzy and about five-eighths of an inch long.”

If you have spent time fishing the Coeur d’ Alene river these past few weeks, you surely know the frustration of spring fishing! Luckily, over the past week the fishing has really picked up and the dry fly action has been phenomenal! These hungry fish have been hitting stoneflies and mayflies like they are going out of style. Stick with your smaller black stonefly patterns (size 10), Skwala patterns, and the hatch that I wait for every year, Golden Stones! Fishing these stonefly patterns midday, and switching to BWO’s or PMD’s in the evening has been the most efficient way to catch fish. To target those larger fish, fish the riffle inside seams on drops. Stop by the shop for your shuttles, or just to pick our brains on info on the river currently.
Fish On!

Spring has most definitely given us plenty of rain which is good for the river and our tributaries, but has made the fishing a bit of a challenge. Luckily, we have had some nice sunny days to bring out some good hatches even with our high, unpredictable water levels. Currently, the river is at 6500 Cubic Feet per Second (cfs), and is going to top off just over 7000 cfs over the weekend. By Monday, it looks like the river will be back below 5000 cfs and should be clearing back up and will continue to drop for the rest of the week. During these high water levels, fishing streamers and tributaries will be your best bet to get into fish. Olive sculpin patterns have been our go-to choice for “meat”, and during the heat of the day, around 2 pm, you may have some dry fly opportunity. Blue Winged Olives and stonefly dries will be your best bet, and tying on a nymph dropper will double your chances of catching fish. Stop by the shop for more info on how the fishing has been day by day.
Good luck, and Fish On!


“Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger.”
-Herbert Hoover

Spring is Finally here!!! We are seeing bugs all over the river and good hatches in the heat of the day. Skwala’s, March Browns and BWO are out in force. Also, Salmon flies are starting to come out as well. The River is at its lowest point right now and sitting around 5200 CFS. We are going to see a good size bump in the river starting Friday May 5th through the weekend and is projected to be around 8500CFS. So, come on into The River Fly Shop get your bugs and gear and have a great day on the river. -FISH ON-

“Take care of the fish, and the fishing will take care of itself.” The river is still on its way up and is sitting at 7300 CFS. We still have some wet weather on the way, water levels will peak today April 28th around 7500 CFS and will start dropping tonight to an expected 5000 CFS this Thursday. There is nice weather on the horizon on May 3rd and 4th. We are seeing some good BWO hatch as well as March Browns and Skwala Stones around midday. Nymph and streamer fishing are still in effect with the higher water. Target any slow moving water and back eddies. The lower part of the river has been fishing the best and has the most sun exposure. So come on into The River Fly Shop get your bugs and get out in that river and have some FUN !!! FISH ON !!!

-Jeff Carroll

The hatches are on. March Brown and Skwala Stones are out in force. Our river has dropped to about 5000 cfs with 6ft of clarity. A good way to target big feeding trout is not always match the predominate hatch. We were casting Skwalas in the middle of a March Brown hatch, while the fish were picky on the Mayfly they were crushing the Stone fly on top! Streamers are still producing very well. The snow is pretty much gone in the lower basin and access is back to normal. In these flows concentrate on the slower inside seam water.

Fish On!

We have been on a roller coaster on river levels lately. The great news is that even in big water, the streamer is fishing fantastic! Target the slower moving/back eddies right now and you will hook up. Especially this time of year, these trout are coming out of winter with an appetite. The other great news is the Skwala Stone fly is out and about! We’ve seen a good amount hatching off and a good amount of fish rising to the dry fly. Target the same slower water, as the fish are looking to get out of fast currents. The nymph game is decent but why nymph when you can gets tugs and top water eats?! The river is sitting at about 8000 cfs and is on a big drop to around 5000 cfs this Wednesday and Thursday, sun will be shining and over 60 degrees. The bugs will be coming off very well. Stop by the shop and get the info for a successful day on the water. The shop is open 9am-4pm 7 days a week now for the rest of the season.

Fish On!

Welcome back spring! Well, hi winter you are still here…. Don’t let this long winter get you down. The River is sitting level at 1600 cfs currently and is fishing very well! These trout are coming out of winter aggressively feeding on stoneflies in the nymph stage and chasing a streamer really well right now. Nymphing the black and brown Girtle bug with a sz 12 pheasant tail is choice right now. The streamer should be in the natural colors, green, brown, and tan. We have had a few guys floating on the lower section which is open from Junkyard to the Mission and doing very well. You can ultimately put in anywhere with a raft or kick boat. We are running shuttles and have everything you will need for a successful day on the water. Stop by the Fly Shop 9am-4pm 7 days a week.

Fish On!



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